Wheelchair Friendly

Our centre is built for easy access by individuals of all abilities.



Our kitchenette offers easy access to a microwave and basic necessities



We have ample male and female showers available for our patrons to use.


Drink Fountains

Stay hydrated! We have drink fountains placed through the centre.


Accessible Toilets

We have fully accessible toilets on premises and available for use.


Pro Shop

Purchase equipment for all your badminton and table tennis needs.


Visit Our PRO SHOP

Visit our Pro Store on premises that is fully stocked with with wide range of badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, table tennis bats, shoes, bags and more.

We offer a high grade, in-store restringing service for badminton rackets.

Over time and use the strings on rackets can lose tension and get weaker. Restringing is the perfect solution to bring it back into its best performing condition.

We offer assembly services for table tennis bats.

The rubber on table tennis bats requires regular maintenance, and we provide a reliable restore and repair service instore. We use a high quality glue to provide lasting results and durability through regular use.

Badminton & Table Tennis Connect Shop

Our club meets international competition level standards 14 Badminton Courts