We are international standard, local indoor Sports Centre.

Badminton and Table Tennis Connect (BTTC) promotes the love of the game throughout the core communities in the western part of Melbourne. 

Our mission is to promote badminton and table tennis within Melbourne and Victoria by developing players that will reach their full potential. The BTTC club offers many comprehensive training programs ranging from beginner to high performance levels, with focuses on technical skill development, fitness and mental training.

Badminton and Table Tennis can be played as a family activity, social sports and at a competitive level. We are a family-oriented club, we encourage parents and siblings to learn badminton/table tennis skills to play the game together. We encourage parents to bond together with their kids and fulfill their sports/fitness dreams.

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Centrally located, fully equipped sports center

BTTC recognizes that to be the best we need to offer great facilities for our patrons.

We offer the best in class training facilities within the community to promote badminton and table tennis at a grassroot level.

At BTTC we have developed a range of training programs for both badminton & table tennis from various levels of group to one on one private coaching plans.

Experienced Team

Our club leadership is carefully selected to have appropriate broad professional and organizational experience combined with thorough knowledge and love of the sports. At the time of inception, we set out to partner with the best in the badminton and table tennis world. 
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Play badminton and table tennis to keep fit and socialize with friends.

  • We have dedicated, internationally experienced coaches to help players maximize their potential to the fullest.
  • Our open communication style allows parents/players to work with coaches to develop personal training plans for players both on and off court.
  • We put our focus on the kids. 
  • We are a family oriented club with a training schedule suitable for parents, siblings of different ages and levels at the same time. 
  • We have all levels of training from recreational, beginners to Australian National Level.

Best string service for badminton available

We can restring your racket so it can perform at its best.

Table tennis bat assebmly

Best assembly and repair service for Table tennis bats.

Best pro-shop in town

Fully equipped badminton / table tennis pro shop completes the offerings of the centre.

Our club meets international competition level standards with 14 Badminton courts